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Datem’s range of Single Diaphragm Depth Pressure Compensators provides pressure compensation for oil-filled sub-sea equipment. Using tried and tested techniques previously established by Impaq Limited, these Compensators are rugged and cost effective.
This range uses a fabric reinforced rolling rubber diaphragm principle with a spring-loaded hard wearing thermo-plastic piston arrangement.



Manufactured from spun marine grade stainless steel and machined thermo-plastic, these Compensators are rugged, reliable, and highly corrosion resistant while minimising excess weight. All fastenings and any sensor fitted also use marine grade stainless steel enabling many years service in the extremes of the offshore environment.



All Datem compensators are supplied with an appropriate stainless steel compression spring to
generate approximately 6 – 10psi of positive pressure above ambient depending upon capacity. See note §. All are supplied as standard with a Nickel-Plated Brass Pressure Relief Valve rated at 20psi to protect the compensator casing. When used with a Datem Subsea Motor, the Pressure Relief Valve on the compensator also protects the motor casing. Options are available by special request including a lower rated Relief Valve in the range of 12 – 20psi, along with the option of marine grade stainless steel.



All Datem compensators incorporate an indicator rod with annular markers at 25% intervals to provide visual confirmation of the current percentage stroke. Remote sensing is available using either Datem’s Low Oil Warning Switch Module or Analogue Position Sensor. Low Oil Switch Modules provide a switched output when the unit goes below approx. 25% capacity, while the Analogue Position Sensor can provide either a 4-20mA or 0.5- 5V output. Standard configuration includes no remote sensing, but sensors can be factory fitted at time of ordering, or retro-fitted later if necessary.

Download the Datem Depth Pressure Compensator Data Sheet

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