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Neptune 3000 CPT System

Neptune 3000 CPT System Data Sheet
Neptune 3000 CPT System

Neptune 3000 CPT System

Datem’s lightweight coiled rod CPT system is for use in up to 3000 Meters of water and designed to withstand the harshest of sea environments. The featured coiled rod system enables the Neptune 3000 to be self-contained and compact, therefore allowing the system to be deployed from the smallest of survey vessels where space is often of a premium.

The system uses Datem’s digital 2cm cones, 5cm cones and T-Bar cones to suit all subsea soil conditions, providing axial load, sleeve friction, pore pressure, dual axis tilt and temperature data in real time (selectable up to 20hz) as they penetrate through the soil with data comparable to that of 10cm cones.

With a push force of up to 10kN and a maximum push distance of 10Mtrs the Neptune 3000 is an industry renowned and hugely popular CPT system globally.

The Neptune 3000 can be used with a single umbilical for lifting/deployment and data transfer.

The Neptune’s control and data acquisition software suite boasts an easy-to-use user interface, developed over the years from listening closely to our valuable customer feedback. The In-built and fully customizable job parameters and safety features allow operators to use the system easily.

The Neptune 3000 CPT enables its operators to perform an in-situ real-time test of the subsea soil structure therefore eliminating/reducing the requirement for time intensive soil sample extraction, storage and examination, thus reducing project duration and therefore cost.

The system boasts low mechanism maintenance and low consumable usage.

Clients purchasing the Neptune 3000 benefit from a free training course for the operators (certificates provided upon successful completion) and readily available fault diagnosis and support.

The Neptune 3000 Datasheet can be viewed/downloaded here.

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