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Cone De-Airing System

Cone De-Airing System Datasheet

For use with any geotechnical Piezo Cones.
Using the Datem De-Airing System to fully saturate the Piezo Cone enables a much improved Pore Pressure response.

The system uses a dry running rotary vane vacuum pump to evacuate a closed chamber containing the Piezo Cone and a small volume of glycerine or silicon oil.
When the chamber is evacuated, the vacuum above the glycerine draws any air from the pore element. The ensuing voids are then filled with the glycerine when the vacuum is released.
The system is built into a rugged powder-coated mild steel frame for strength and stability.

De-Airing System

Voltage: 230Vac ±10%, 1ph.
Current: 1.2A @ 50hz
1.4A @ 60hz
Frame: 55cm x 22cm x 68cm
Vessel: 50cm x Ø9.7cm (internal)
Weight: 26kg

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