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Vibrocorer Penetration Sensor

Vibrocorer Penetration Sensor Data Sensor Data Sheet

For use with any Vibrocorer System.
The Datem Vibrocorer Penetration Sensing System is a sealed electronic based unit
incorporating a spring-loaded retractable stainless steel cord attached to a distance
measuring sensor. As the Vibrocorer drives itself in to the ground it pulls out the
stainless steel cord, operating the distance sensor. When the vibrocorer is pulled back in
to the deployment frame, the internal spring loaded mechanism retracts the cord back in
to the housing.


Software – Tablet Version
PSDA - Tablet







Software – PC Version








Power: 240Vac
Penetration Depth: 6m
Velocity Max.: 3m/s
Weight: 6.5kg
Mounting: 4 x M10 Bolts


The penetration information is displayed on the computer via the supplied bespoke software. The software will run on any Windows based device including tablets. The software can log and display in realtime:

∙ Penetration Depth
∙ Penetration Velocity
∙ Max. Velocity
The software can display either the realtime data in numerical form or as a graph of Penetration / Time.


The system features an interface box to connect the penetration sensor to a computer running the monitoring software. The interface box provides the necessary power for the sensor, and converts data from ethernet to RS485. All necessary cables supplied.

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