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Neptune Full Flow Penetrometer/Ball Cone

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For use with a Neptune 5000 CPT System

Using the Datem Full Flow Penetrometer enables the estimation of the inifital and remoulded undrained shear strength of soft clay in subsea soils.
The Penetrometer is used with the Datem Neptune 5000 CPT system as a direct replacement for the conventional Piezo Cone.

The Full Flow Penetrometer is built to the highest standards from high performance stainless steels. It features a 25cm² or 50cm² Ball Penetrometer combined with friction sleeve, pore pressure sensor and dual axis tilt. It also incorporates the same high precision built in electronic circuitry as found in the rest of the Datem Piezo Cone range.

The Penetrometer is available with multiple pore sensing arrangements depending upon your requirements. These are ‘Tip Sensing’, ‘Mid-Point Sensing’, and ‘Equator Sensing’. All three sensing options are easily interchangeable and can be purchased all together or one at a time if preferred. The Penetrometer is supplied in a transit case that incorporates space for the full range of sensing parts.

As with all our CPT cones in the range, the Full Flow Penetrometer features ratiometric bridge excitation and A/D reference voltage to increase accuracy and stability of the sensor data. On board 16 bit digitisation eliminates signal noise and corruption from the penetrometer to the topside.

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