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Neptune Magnetometer Cones/Probes

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For use with a Neptune 5000 CPT System

Using the Datem Magnetometer Cone enables immediate graphical indication of the presence of ferrous metal objects within proximity of the cone. It is used with the Datem Neptune 5000 CPT system as a direct replacement for the conventional Piezo Cone.

The Magnetometer Cone is built to the highest standards featuring a combination of Titanium and high performance stainless steel. It features a standard 5cm² Cone Penetrometer with sensors for axial load, friction sleeve, pore pressure and dual axis tilt, combined with a bespoke designed magnetometer module. This module incorporates specially miniaturised technology capable of repeatable high performance operation with very low noise.

The internal arrangement ensures that the CPT data is still valid and unaffected while simultaneously monitoring variations in localised magnetic field caused by the presence of ferrous metal objects. The magnetic readings are shown in real-time both graphically and numerically, and recorded with the standard CPT data for later analysis.

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