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Thermal Conductivity Cones

Thermal Conductivity Cone Datasheet

For use with a Neptune 5000 CPT system.

Using the Datem Thermal Conductivity Cone enables fast, in-situ measurements of thermal conductivity of subsea soils. Typically this system is used to determine the heat transfer rate through soils around proposed sub-sea power cable routes.

The Thermal Conductivity Probe is built to the highest standards featuring a combination of Titanium and high performance stainless steel. It features a 5cm² Cone Penetrometer incorporating an off-axis thermal conductivity probe. This arrangement ensures that the CPT data is still valid and unaffected by the additional thermal conductivity system.

Heat is generated by a built-in calibrated variable power heater. Temperature measurements are taken by a calibrated high-precision sensor. The system provides a real-time display of the temperature and initial calculation for thermal conductivity while recording the data for further analysis.

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